fastfood-theater, 1992-2001

In 1992 Gabriele Heller founded with six actors the fast-food-theater company in Munich. She performed in more than 800 shows in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and USA. Over the years the company won various awards and became one of the leading improvisation theatres in Germany. Their weekly Montagsshow runs in Munich since 1993 without a brake.  The fastfood-theater company developed and performed over 20 different show formats including Die Montagsshow, Theatersport (Keith Johnstone, Canada), Musikshow, Harold (Dale Close, USA), Kinder fastfood, Sitcom (Dan Goldstein, USA), ZOOM –Impro mit Masken (Andreas Wolf, Germany).
In 1996 the company organized the 1. Internationales Improvisations Theater Festival in Munich. In 1999 the fastfood-theater presented the Internationales Festival der Langformen, with guests from London, Graz, Dortmund and Oslo. Many more festivals followed up till today.

AWARDS and PRIZES (with the fastfood-theater company):

2000 Deutscher Meister im Improvisationstheater, Nuernberg
2000 Bestes Showformat, Improvisation Theatre Festival, Nuernberg
1999 Publikumspreis der Bayerischen Theatertage, Bamberg
1999 Kindertheaterpreis der Bayerischen Theatertage, Bamberg
1996 Deutscher Meister im Improvisationstheater, Munich

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