A hero in a coma

6.30pm on 14 October 2015, Bewick Hall, Newcastle Central Library

A hero in a coma is a 60 min theatre play devised by Tuesday's Childe theatre collective that is inspired by Homer's Odyssee. Oliver Decius, adventurer and boatbuilder, sets sail across the Atlantic in a bid to showcase his latest prototype and save his troubled boatyard. En route he runs into a storm of mythic proportions which threatens to cost him not only his business but his life.

Drawing inspiration from epic storytelling of the past A hero in a coma addresses contemporary social concerns and the irreconcilable tensions in our lives between power, obligations, community and selfishness. A hero in a coma combines physical theatre, classical text, poetry, music and imagery.

A hero in a coma was devised, directed and performed by Tuesday's Childe: Christina Cuthbertson, Hugh Evans, Adele Evitt, Gabriele Heller, Christopher Strain.
Tuesday's Childe is a Newcastle based collective, producing theatre which is visual, physical and playful.

Hugh Evans: Script
Tuesday's Childe ensemble: Stage design, music and costumes

Audience comments:
Profound, engaging, intriguing, edgy.
An interesting insight into human behaviour.
I loved the movement from reality to dreams ... all the sound effects gave a real sense of travel.
Refreshing tone and style.
Loved the experimental operation to the man in the coma and the elusive mystery women with her sea shell.