by Pavel Kohout

DIE BARACKE, Munich, Germany, 1992

Evol is a play by Czech novelist Pavel Kohout, who was one of the leading figures in the Prague Spring reformist movement and was thereafter banned from working in his country's official theatre institutions. In 1977 Kohout received the Austrian State Prize for European Literature.

A strange young man appears in a hotel and starts to talk to the guests. Following their conversations the married women Tina begins to question her own life choices and the state of her marriage.

Tina: 'You need to accept that every person has his own, very individual view on happiness.'

Er: Matthias Lühn
Tina: Ulrike Pichler
Doktor: Kurt Rennstein
Ehemann: Reinhold Wehner
Ehefrau: Maja Dasgupta
Geschäftsführer: Klaus Sardison
Serviererin and photography: Christa Köster
1. Mann: Danny Wilde
2. Mann: Nicos Liacopoulos
Stage design: Markus Heller
Lighting: Nepomuk Lippl
Director: Gabriele Heller