The Great Northern Diver, 2023

The Great Northern Diver is a 50 min audio production that combines spoken word, poetry, and field recordings. It tells the story of one man's attempts to capture bird calls as he searches to understand what it might be like to be a bird. Using first and third person perspectives, scientific as well as poetic investigations, the work explores themes of migration, displacement, rootedness, home, and loss, highlighting the entanglement of human history, landscape, and ecosystems.

Jim Lloyd: Script, poems, sound and field recordings, male voice 1
Gabriele Heller: Director and dramaturge
Claire Webster Saaremets: Female voice
James Ryland: Male voice 2
John Martindale: Sound engineer, Blank Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

The Great Northern Diver was presented at:
Counterpart, Newcastle University Fine Art Department and Hatton Gallery,
19th August - 2nd September 2023