'Whosoever is delighted in solitude, is either a wild beast or a god.'

Solitude is a 40 min audio play exploring various aspects of solitude and loneliness.
We all experience solitude in our lives; sometimes it is welcome, sometimes it is not. It is always a challenge to take on and something we have to learn to deal with. Solitude can be powerful, painful, funny, challenging, tragic or calming and our responses vary depending on our age, our gender, our experiences or our beliefs. Built into the walls of a church, the anchorite's choice was a life of self inflicted seclusion. Inspired by this history, Solitude follows the arc of a life time, from birth to death contrasting modern experiences of solitude and loneliness with those from the past.

Gabriele Heller: Concept, script, realisation and voice

Pretend by The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble
Ashkhares mi panjara ye (The world is a window) by Gevorg Dabagian
I can do it solo by Gabriele Heller
Redwood Ramble Misremembered by Glenn Jones
St Anger by Metallica
Night by Stephan Micus
O Solitude by Henry Purcell sung by Andreas Scholl
Woke up in the desert by Marcin Wasilewski

The script includes short passages from:
The Cloud of Unknowing
I don't want to be inside me anymore by Birger Sellin
Solitude by Lord Byron

Listener's comments:
...it's a powerful piece to hear all the way through.
I like the technique of the writing and of the reading, both of which are very musical.
I cried and I laughed a lot.
It made me think about the differences and connections between solitude and silence, and the difference between the silence around us and the silence within us.
I found the motion of living in a small chamber within a church quite perturbing and the practicalities were almost comic.