Sieben gegen Theben
(Seven against Thebes)

DIE BARACKE, Munich, Germany, 1990

Sieben gegen Theben by Aeschylus is one of the oldest known greek tragedies in theatre history. It tells the story of the battle of Thebes in that the two sons of Oedipus kill each other according to the father's curse. The main parts are played by the chorus of women and King Eteocles disputing the threat of the hostile army in front of the gates of Thebes.

'The only hope, in the end the night might come, bringing salvation to our lamented pain.'

Eteokles: Frank Schwamborn
Kreon: Gerhard Kalb
Antigone: Mitra Zahedi, Gabriele Heller
Ismene: Angela Sterzer, Ulrike Pichler
Chorus: Sonja Englisch, Alex Hartmann, Gabriele Heller, Larissa Milde, Ulrike Pichler, Angie Schmidtner, Angela Sterzer, Iris Strohmaier, Christin Wilhelm, Mitra Zahedi
Messengers: Detlev Bauer, Stefan Jestaedt, Alex Pathe,
Music: Marika Falk, Edgar Hofmann
Director: Heide Radtke